Finding a Therapist


These are the only psychotherapists that can be licensed. Some clinicians specialize in certain areas (i.e: depression, anxiety, relationships, adolescents, chronic illness, etc.). You may want to search for someone who specializes in that which pertains to you personally.



You should be able to find a psychotherapist in your network just as you would any medical specialist. Many health insurance plans cover psychological services.

In 2008, Congress passed the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act which requires private health insurance plans that have a mental health benefit, to provide equal or comparable coverage for mental and physical health services. For example, if the insurance plan does not limit annual office visits to your physician, it is not permitted to limit annual office visits to a psychologist. And your out-of-pocket expenses for mental health care, such as co-payments, cannot be greater than those expenses for most physical care.

If your insurance coverage is inadequate, many medium-large size companies provide Employee Assistance Programs (EPAs), which offer short term counseling at no extra charge to the employee.

Also, some mental health centers and hospitals offer psychological services on a sliding scale contingent with your financial abilities.